Climate trees

Suitable trees for the city

There are suitable trees for every location!
Trees that are unaffected by the adverse conditions in the city, but also by climate change: increasing drought, heavy rainfall and heat waves. There are both native and non-native species and varieties.
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Urban trees - fit for climate change; fit for the future

These urban trees thrive despite the difficult conditions in cities. CO2, particulate matter, radiant heat, construction work and road salt input: these cause stress for the trees. De-icing salt, car tyres and ground work damage the tree's root system. Dust and air pollutants damage the leaves. Dryness and asphalt-related radiant heat have always been urban problems; the same holds true for higher temperatures than in the surrounding area.

On the other hand, urban shrubs must endure heavy rainfall, withstand violent storms in urban canyons and resist introduced pests. Some species such as chestnuts (bacteria) or ash (fungi) are hardly able to do this anymore. Sooner or later, they will probably disappear from the cityscape. We need urban trees that can do everything. Take a look for yourself!

What kind of plant are you looking for?
Use of plants
Acer campestre
Field maple
3 to 15 m
8 to 12 m
Acer campestre 'Elsrijk'
Field maple 'Elsrijk'
8 to 10 m
4 to 6 m
Acer campestre 'Huibers Elegant'
Field maple 'Huibers Elegant'
6 to 10 m
3 to 5 m
Acer campestre 'Nanum'
Field maple 'Nanum'
5 to 7 m
6 to 8 m
Acer campestre 'Queen Elizabeth'
Field maple 'Queen Elizabeth'
10 to 12 m
6 to 8 m
Acer monspessulanum
6 to 10 m
4 to 8 m
April to May