We are committed to compliance with the law.
A whistleblower system serves to gain knowledge of any compliance violations as early as possible, to clarify and remedy them. Whistleblowers can report suspected violations of rules and laws at any time.
This can also be done anonymously by telephone, letter or email. In addition or as an alternative, whistleblowers can also contact the state authorities. We will investigate every report and take appropriate measures if necessary. In doing so, we will protect the legitimate interests of the whistleblower and their identity. Every whistleblower will receive feedback on their submission at short notice. Reports can be submitted directly to line managers or to the Compliance Officer using the contact details provided:



Dr. Philipp Engelhoven
Am Sandtorkai 44
20457 Hamburg

Phone:     +49 (0)40 36805-119
Mail:  Hinweisgeber.vonEhren@esche.de