Our unique specimens: unmistakably individual

Unique specimens are deciduous and coniferous trees that can give a place something distinct through their individuality. Unique specimens are strong tree personalities, shaped by time and the loving care of the company's master gardeners. Topiaries, multi-stem trees, particularly old trees, rare species and varieties and picturesque trees. Trees that deserve the title "Unique specimen" due to their individuality.

"Our premium line 'Unique specimens' was very well received from the beginning, so I am particularly pleased to regularly showcase out some of our jewellery and display it to a broader public", says Bernhard von Ehren, CEO of Lorenz von Ehren nursery. "There are more and more customers who are looking for something special, and we can optimally serve them with our unique line", von Ehren continues.

A unique specimen from the Lorenz von Ehren nursery is unmistakably individual! Suitable for your garden!

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