Bee shrubs

Pollen-collecting insects, e.g. honey bees, wild bees and butterflies, are very important for maintaining the balance in our ecosystem. They pollinate wild and crop plants and are essential in the food web of our environment. A nursery usually provides insects with many sources of food, so planting nutritive bee shrubs is an important pillar for the preservation of fauna and ecological balance. Take part and buy yourself a wonderful bee shrub!

Protecting bees and other insects

Provide insects with more habitat and food. This not only includes perennials and annual plants such as honey plants, but also trees and bushes. Shrubs provide bees with many sources of food. Therefore, attention should also be paid to trees such as insect plants in the garden. Trees such as field maple (Acer campestre)linden (Tilia platyphyllos)sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa)apple tree (Malus in species and varieties) oder die robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia) are just a few examples of natural food sources for insects such as honey bees, wild bees and bumblebees.

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