Time for heroes!

Trees are heroes!

Shade, beauty, fantasy, childhood, colours, harvest, insects, urban climate! 

These are just some of the terms we associate with great trees. 'Trees are heroes' is our way of showing a relationship between these attributes, and subsequently many more, and the fantastic living creatures to arouse positive emotions! Your emotions!

We want to awaken, to stir, to inspire! Trees are important for the health of our fantastic planet and essential for the survival of us humans. 


Join us, plant great trees! Now! 

Current themes
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„Trees are heroes. Heroes of shade, of the city, of colours, of fauna. They bring benefit and joy. We want to show that it is important to plant large trees, because they have incomparably greater benefits than smaller ones."

Bernhard von Ehren, CEO, Lorenz von Ehren Nursery

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