Planning tips

Which plant has which requirements?

Our planning tips list the trees and shrubs according to their properties. For all kind of planting projects, there are plants that are best suited for certain purposes and requirements and other, that may not fulfil their intended tasks.
When selecting your range of plants according to given criteria, you can either study the individual descriptions from A to Z, or just make a preselection of suitable species and varieties by using the catalogue of criteria from the planning tips which helps you to save time.
Please be aware that the trees and shrubs listed represent a concentrate. They serve as a memory aid and are intended to provide an overview of the plants in question. Decades of nursery experience, the knowledge of expert colleagues as well as the expertise of the author can be a guide for making up your choice of plants, nevertheless, they cannot compensate for personal experience, and they do not replace your own sense of aesthetics or ecological sensitivity.
As living beings, plants follow their own rules. Any information or statement within this list is an attempt to classify the life expressions of plants in a modern way. There might be variations in size, habit, flowering times, location requirements, strengths or weaknesses as well as the special characteristics of the plants. Many of them have therefore been included within these lists in several groups in order to respect the frequent transitions that may occur, and above all to remind us that there are more possible uses than it is generally assumed. 

„There is a suitable plant for every location. So if a plant's requirements are matched to the site conditions, it will thrive."

Kay Hackmack, Production Manager Hamburg, Lorenz von Ehren Nursery

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