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Lorenz von Ehren
The nursery. Since 1865

The Lorenz von Ehren nursery is one of Europe’s leading tree nurseries and is a major player in the horticultural sector, both nationally and internationally.

With a total of around 600 hectares and 190 employees, the nursery is a medium-sized, family-run company headed by Bernhard von Ehren as managing partner. He is supported by Konrad Parloh, who as second managing director helps shape the interests of the company. Sabine Tietz has also been a member of the management board since April 1, 2022. She will take over Konrad Parloh's responsibilities at the end of the year. 

The Lorenz von Ehren nursery produces the most magnificent trees, the most beautiful conifers, topiaries, evergreens and perennials. From small to large, everything from a single source, in top “von Ehren” quality.

Above all, however, with an aspiration for environmental protection and sustainability that the nursery puts into practice every day.

What you can rely on

On around 600 hectares of nursery land, we produce plants for your construction projects in our headquarters in Hamburg and our branch in Bad Zwischenahn. Quality is the decisive factor, and, for this reason, the Lorenz von Ehren name has been synonymous for many decades for high-quality trees and shrubs of all sizes and ages.

In addition to large and avenue trees, bonsai and solitary plants, topiaries, rhododendrons, hedge elements, fruit trees and conifers, we supply the entire spectrum of plants. We also offer many beautiful, characterful rare trees for plant lovers. As a full-range supplier, we are at your disposal as a competent partner for every woody plant your heart desires. 

Entrepreneurial action leaves its mark, also in the environment . But the environment is a topic close to our hearts, so we use soil and water resources sparingly. Economical drip irrigationensures that our plants get exactly as much water as they need. Fertilisation is carried out only to the extent necessary: we establish what the plants need by means of regular soil samples. We only protect our plants in the event of acute danger, taking ecological and biological aspects into account. This way, plants grow over the years that you can utilise with a clear conscience and that make their own contribution to the protection of the environment at their new locations.

We are an environmental partner of the City of Hamburg and certified according to the environmental programme "Ökoprofit".

The nursery is constantly on the lookout for green trends and their introductions into the market, for example in the form of new plants adapted to climate change and new pruning forms. The Lorenz von Ehren nursery was the first in Europe to introduce bonsai pruning on Pinus sylvestris.

But we are also aware of our social responsibility and so we continuously offer work experience and internships for schoolchildren and students, as well as apprenticeships in three professional fields: nursery gardener, wholesale and foreign trade clerk as well as agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics technician. We are currently training 20 young people and preparing them for professional life.

Moreover, we are involved intensively in nationwide campaign days and are in active cooperation with other companies in order to provide our trainees with comprehensive training.
We enjoy close cooperation with universities in Geisenheim and Hanover (and also Berlin in the future), which is particularly expressed in research projects on the value of greenery. 

“Trees – woody plants in general – are more than just a product for me. They are my passion. My family has dedicated itself to these living beings for over 155 years, and they still fascinate us."

Bernhard von Ehren
managing partner


Trees of Passion - Our Film

Green is in the genes

Over 155 years of tree nursery history of the Lorenz von Ehren family business 

In 1865, Johannes von Ehren founded a tree nursery in Nienstedten just outside Hamburg, which had already extended its delivery area to Potsdam by 1872 and even to Copenhagen by 1875.

His only son, Lorenz von Ehren I (1867-1948), took over the business in 1898. At this point, the nursery’s focus was already crystallising: the cultivation of and trade in solitary shrubs and large trees. At the beginning of the 1940s, the third generation, with Johannes von Ehren II (1899-1982) und Lorenz von Ehren II (1906-1982), joined the management of the company.

During the Second World War, it was only possible to propagate the most valuable trees, so, in the post-war years, the nurserymen scoured renowned companies in Europe and the USA, looking to import trees and plants to Germany to meet the growing demand.

At the beginning of the 1960s, responsibility passed to the fourth generation: Lorenz von Ehren III (*1937) and Bernd von Ehren (*1938).
They founded the branch in Bad Zwischenahn (1965) and relocated the company completely to Hamburg-Marmstorf, south of the Elbe, in 1993.

In 2005 Bernhard von Ehren (*1972) joined the management, sharing his duties with co-managing director Konrad Parloh since 2007. In July 2013, he became managing partner and  is thus the fifth generation to head the company. Sabine Tietz has also been a member of the Management Board since 1 April 2022.

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