Erkunden Sie beeindruckende Landschafts- und Parkprojekte bei Projekte Landschaft Park. Lassen Sie sich von der gestalterischen Meisterleistung inspirieren und entdecken Sie herausragende Parkanlagen und Landschaftsgestaltungen. Erfahren Sie mehr!

Landscape gardens and parks

Parks – these green, atmospheric places of relaxation and tranquillity in the midst of the often hectic cities – offer citizens a plus in quality of life and serve as a balance to counteract an often stressful everyday life. The type of greenery chosen determines the character and ultimately the experiencing of nature in the urban setting with the changing seasons.
The selection of trees and shrubs also plays a decisive role in the overall concept when designing landscape gardens and outdoor areas of country estates. For every landscape style there is an extensive range of trees and shrubs, with large trees as the defining elements.



Drottningholm Castle, Sweden

Drottningholm Castle is surrounded by an extensive park with numerous structural and design elements. 


Les Jardins d'Etretat, France

The creators were inspired by the Normandy coast in creating their horticultural works of art. 


Aubenhausen Stud Farm

In a few months, the large trees that have been replanted here in the existing park will be very much an integral part of the landscape. 


Lützow Castle

The romantic castle stands in the middle of a beautiful landscaped park. 


Adare Manor, Ireland

In the familiar castle park of Adare Manor, the topiaries line up one after the other, one more beautiful than the next. Classic shapes trimmed perfectly. 


Landscape park, Belgium

In this imposing park, new plantings create further design accents that will integrate wonderfully into the existing plants over time.

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