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The Lorenz von Ehren Nursery in Switzerland

The Lorenz von Ehren Nursery in Switzerland


You would like to buy a tree in Switzerland? You live in Zurich, Bern or Lucerne?

From the north to the mountains – German trees travel to Switzerland and Austria. In doing so, we pay attention to optimal delivery conditions. Whether by truck or by train, we optimize the delivery wishes and the needs of the plants. Our can rely on us getting your Lorenz von Ehren quality trees and shrubs in time.

We deliver to Switzerland, Austria and France, as well as to Northern Italy and many other countries. Just ask your contact person in Switzerland for the suitable range of woody plants, Olaf Füge. He knows our assortment inside out and is your competent contact person for all planting questions. 
LvE in Switzerland - just a hop, skip and a jump away from Zurich.

Make your appointment with Olaf Füge right away
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Lorenz von Ehren projects in Switzerland

Trees from Hamburg and Bad Zwischenahn in Switzerland? Sure, why not? The quality of Lorenz von Ehren's trees and shrubs allows for long-distance transports. And there are quite a few of them: around 30% of our deliveries are going to the Alpine region - Switzerland, Austria, and Northern Italy.

Maybe the tree in your street or at work, in front of your window, is also from Lorenz von Ehren?
Fuege(at) or phone +41 (0) 526204000

Lorenz von Ehren projects in Switzerland

  • Main building BKW Energie AG, Bern:
    Employees of BKW Energie in Bern, the Swiss capital, can enjoy their breaks in the shade of the ornamental cherry Prunus accolade. Light pink in spring, rich green in summer and in winter they draw enchanting structures.

  • Novartis AG, Basel:
    Liriodendron tulipifera (tulip tree) contrast pleasantly with the many glass surfaces of the company headquarters and flank the connections between the buildings.

  • Regensdorf sports facility:
    Spectators at the sports facility in Regensdorf, near Zurich, are pleasantly sheltered under the many lime trees that are set there. While the athletes sweat, they can relax and shelter from the heat or rain.

  • Community hall, Vaduz:
    A tunnel of rock pears (Amelanchier larmackii) brings excitement to the area, which otherwise consists only of stone and gravel. The multiple stems of the rock pear alone exude a special charm.

  • Private garden in Switzerland:
    Many private customers trust in the quality of the Lorenz von Ehren nursery, and they don't have to come to Hamburg themselves. Here Pinus mugo mughus (Scots pine).

Our local advisor, Olaf Füge, +41 (0) 52620400, will be happy to advise you and select the trees together with you.

We deliver throughout Europe.

No matter how tight your time frame is, you can count on us. Our nursery works like a precise clockwork. We deliver on time and throughout Europe, directly to the construction site. With around 1.5 million plants delivered to their new destinations every year, you can rely on our experience.

Give it a try: +41 (0) 526204000

Nursery Lorenz von Ehren - your address for trees

You are welcome to choose your trees in Hamburg or Bad Zwischenahn (Lower Saxony). If this is too far for you, please feel free to contact Olaf Füge, your contact for Switzerland and southern Baden-Württemberg.

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