Entdecken Sie die angesagten Gehölztrends 2023 - Europäische Eibe, Kornelkirsche und Felsenbirne - bei Baumschule Lorenz von Ehren.

Trends for the 2023 season

The use of woody plants is also subject to trends and this influences demand. On the other hand, trends can also be set through advice and recommendations, not forgetting climate change. What is in good demand this season 2023, we show you here in this blog. 
Taxus baccata, the European yew, is again one of them this year, as are Cornus mas (Cornelian cherry) and the rock pear, Amelanchier. 
On the other hand, the pine (Pinus) in all its facets is a tree to come, as is the Liquidambar (Amber tree). A fantastic autumn colouring and urban tree with a lot of potential. We also count the swamp oak (Quercus palustris) and the indestructible ginkgo among the urban trees of the future. 


Taxus baccata - the beautiful shape wonders!

The European yew (Taxus baccata) is more versatile than almost any other conifer


Quercus palustris - great urban tree of the future!

The swamp oak is a dreamy autumn colouring and an urban tree of the future. 


Pines - varied and individual!

Pines are beautiful and very varied in their growth.


Japanese maple - bizarre and autumn-coloured!

Japanese maple: fantastically beautiful!


Amber tree - it almost doesn't get more colourful than this!

It almost doesn't get any more colourful than this!


Amelanchier - still underestimated and yet an all-rounder!

Amelanchier as a fruit tree? As a bee pasture? As a climate tree? As decoration? What then?


Ginkgo - a fascinating tree!

Dinosaur, city tree, autumn grower


Cornus mas - best suited for city locations!

What do urban climate resistance, jam and non-swimmers have in common?


Ilex crenata - the alternative to boxwood!

Ilex crenata is becoming increasingly popular as a substitute for boxwood, because the holly is a very long-lived and robust plant.


Sophora japonica - the climate change miracle!

Summer bloomer and insect pasture

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