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The Lorenz von Ehren Nursery in Vienna/Austria
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To make things easier for you, we offer the opportunity to collect your trees directly from our collection yard in Raasdorf near Vienna. Of course, only those that you can also transport.
Until you collect the trees from there, the woody plants are cared for, so you can be sure that you get the trees and shrubs as healthy and stable as they left our nursery quarters.

Try it out and make an appointment right away with your contact partner for Austria, he knows our stocks inside out and will be happy to advise you:

Goeller(at)LvE.de or phone: +49 40 76108 138 | | Mobile: +49 (171) 2469442

Lorenz von Ehren projects in Austria

Have a look around and see for yourself. Maybe there is already a Lorenz von Ehren tree outside your window or you are just walking past one. In any case, you can order our trees directly from your contact person Gereon Göller.

He will be happy to select them for you in Hamburg and Bad Zwischenahn and send you photos so that you can get a picture of your trees. Or you can come along yourself, enjoy an atmospheric tree school safari and choose your trees yourself.

Lorenz von Ehren projects in Austria

  • Public square, Innsbruck:
    Diverse usable open spaces, mounds, fountains, "pedestals" for monuments, seating and benches are distributed among the numerous striking tree islands. Woody plants used: Acer saccharinum - silver maple

  • Seefeld, Tyrol:
    From 78 to 1000 metres in altitude! An imposing chestnut, nine metres high and 55 years old, stands in the centre of the central square in Seefeld. Almost as if it had always been there. Woody plants used: Aesculus hippocastanum 'Baumanii' - Filled Flowering Chestnut Tree

  • Private garden, Kitzbühel:
    Asian style elements characterise this garden. The central elements are the two impressively elegant bonsai pines. Woody plants used: Pinus sylvestris - Scots pine and Pinus parviflora - Maidenhair pine

  • Esplanade, Bad Ischl:
    150 imperial lime trees, around seven metres high, frame both sides of the lakeside path in Bad Ischl. Planted as part of the Regional Garden Show, they invite visitors to stroll or take a break with a mountain backdrop. Woody plants used: Tilia europaea 'Pallida' - Imperial lime tree (Photo: LGS Bad Ischl)

Trees for generations

The Lorenz von Ehren nursery is one of the leading nurseries in Europe and is an important player in the green sector, both nationally and internationally.

With a total of around 600 hectares, the nursery is a medium-sized, family-run business headed by Bernhard von Ehren and Sabine Tietz, CEOs of the company. We produce the most magnificent trees, the most beautiful conifers, topiaries, evergreens and shrubs.
Come and see for yourself - please make an appointment with Gereon Goeller.
Goeller(at)LvE.de or phone: +49 40 76108 138

Your plants are waiting for you!

When you arrive in Raasdorf, your plants are already there. Your trees and shrubs will be ready for collection at Raasdorf near Vienna.


The Lorenz von Ehren nursery

c/o Kreitl e.U.
Die Marchfelderstrasse 13
2281 Raasdorf

Gereon Göller
Austria / Slovakia / Czech Republichei
phone: +49 (40) 761 08-138
mobile: +49 (171) 2469442
mail: Goeller(at)LvE.de 



Collection days are: Thursday from 12.00 to 17.30
and Friday from 07.00 to 17.30

Please order by Tuesday of the previous week, so that we can prepare your plants in time.
We will gladly accept your order by e-mail: Goeller(at)LvE.de