Container woody plants - Our season continues!

Our yard in Hamburg is full of the most beautiful woody plants from our fields.
Buying trees in summer? It's possible with us! 
We have simply planted many of our woody plants in containers and in AirPots® so that you can still access our Lorenz von Ehren woody plants for your building projects!
All of these gems are provided with high-quality substrate in our container area and are expertly cared for. So, why think about it for too long, come and have a look, be amazed and place your order. You can then decide whether to plant them or leave them in the container.

“Whether sensational pear trees, dreamy maple or your favourite tree, with the right substrate, a suitable container and the appropriate care, there really is nothing to be said against mobile plant husbandry - temporary or permanent."

Jan Lüdemann, responsible for the container area, Lorenz von Ehren Nursery

Our yard is full of plants - spoilt for choice!