Selected genera

Here we would like to highlight some tree species!
First of all: this list is not complete. It represents the tree species that we would like to highlight at this time. In doing so, we will gradually expand our offering and accept more and more species, which appeal to us.
Whether native or non-native species, we simply asked our peers to identify some of their favourites. You will see Lorenz von Ehren’s inhouse list of favourites contains both well-known and less known genera.
These include, for example: Acer, Amelanchier, Catalpa, Ginkgo, Juniperus, Liriodendron, Sorbus, and Thuja.

„My favourite species is Pinus! There is so much variety and excitement in the species and varieties that I am always surprised at what is going on."

Anna Schellhase, Digital Marketing, Lorenz von Ehren Tree Nursery

Deciduous shrubs are available in an immense selection: There are suitable ornamental shrubs and trees for all locations and every design wish. Whether particularly flowering, large or small, fantastically autumn-coloured, insect grazing or with an exciting growth habit.

Conifers are still often underestimated. Yet they radiate a special atmosphere, convince with their interesting habit, their pruning tolerance or simply with their overwhelming application possibilities.

Fruit trees
Fruit trees are the all-rounders for every garden: starting with a colourful blossom, pink, red or white, they give delicious fruits in autumn and shine in bright colours. In winter, they decorate the garden with their perhaps bizarre growth.